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Poll results
Should the UK government ditch Holocaust Memorial Day and replace it with National Genocide Day?

Yes 88.4%
No 11.6%


Started 18 November, 2004 13:29
Finished 19 December, 2004 13:29

Poll comments
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Permanent link to this comment Posted by Jake Berman : 18 December, 2004 03:17
Germany should pay more REPERATIONS!

Permanent link to this comment Posted by HOWARD ALEXANDER STAFFORD : 5 December, 2004 23:13
Please, have we not enough public weeping and wailing about the violent history of humankind from crawling out of caves to the present day. Are most humans still so arrogant or ignorant not to realize that we are still animals. Maybe the highest form of life on the this planet, but still we are animals evolving and have a long way to go! 12/05/04 WINNIPEG CANADA

Permanent link to this comment Posted by Ann : 5 December, 2004 12:56
I think this is a wonderfull idea. I would also like to commend the UK for setting a standard that I hope the rest of the world will soon follow.

Permanent link to this comment Posted by A.J. Weiss : 5 December, 2004 10:40
We are more easily targeted for ill treatment when we allow our arrogance to overwhelm the Goyim. After a time, one has heard enough about the shoah and particularly if one is descended from another culture. The prudent man does not allow his enemies to see him coming. This incessant harping on matters of record now more than sixty years past can only bring a new wave of antagonism and subject our people to greater misery, perhaps, than we have experienced in the past. Embrace the new idea of Genocide Day. The place to remember the shoah is your synagogue.

Permanent link to this comment Posted by Craig Schottenstein : 2 December, 2004 08:48
Thats rediculus, and totally outragous

Permanent link to this comment Posted by David Shaw : 19 November, 2004 19:04
why lose the only public acknowledgement of our history of suffering - with the shoah lumped in along with bosnia & rwanda, we would soon lose any sympathy for the unique nature of OUR holocaust - depressingly history teaches us that what is forgotten repeats itself.
I can see why a genocide rememberence day would be favoured in addition but not instead of!

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