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Poll results
Should Ariel Sharon's Likud party form a coalition government with Labour?

Yes 53.1%
No 46.9%


Started 7 July, 2004 10:12
Finished 18 November, 2004 13:29

Poll comments
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Permanent link to this comment Posted by Mark Stone : 4 August, 2004 23:34
Aeriel Sharon should seek whatever help he requires from wherever necessary to achieve his aims in bringing peace and prosperity to the State of Israel. The Country is safer in the hands of a strong leader and although one does not wish to see any land given away that could weaken Israels borders to lock the peril out seems the right choice.

Permanent link to this comment Posted by elijal : 26 July, 2004 08:14
I believe we should also have faith in sharon. especially when we know that he would never give up any part of israel , unless there were NO other way. I trust in him even though its not always easy. but being a realist rarely is....TO SHARON do what you must do, and don't look back

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