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Poll results
Is it right for France to ban the wearing of religious items in schools?

Yes 28.9%
No 71.1%


Started 25 January, 2004 05:04
Finished 19 February, 2004 05:04

Poll comments
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Permanent link to this comment Posted by haq : 6 February, 2004 15:10
i totally agree with simon,being a muslim i dont think any one regardless of their religion should be forced in to integrating to suit the desires of the prominent populace.

Permanent link to this comment Posted by Carole : 25 January, 2004 07:55
As I understand it the official reason for the banning is that France considers itself a secular state. To wear emblems of religious affiliation is in conflict with that stand. However, it's difficult to be anywhere in France and not see overt Catholic symbolism at every turn. Hospitals named for Catholic saints, street names, village names. The Catholic cross is ubiquitous. If the state wishes to present itself as secular, then these things must also be removed. Not to remove them smacks of hypocrisy at the very least.

Permanent link to this comment Posted by David Leopold : 12 January, 2004 05:49
Does this ban only apply to schools? If so, why only schools?Does this ban apply to all religious symbols? To all religions? Is the wearing of a cross also banned? Why do people wear religious symbols? Is it their devotion to their faith? Is it to let others know their religious preference? I believe the wearing of religious symbols in an inherent right of all free people who worship their God. If the French Government bans the wearing of religious symbols in schools, what will they ban next? The observance of selected religions? This ban reduces the freedom of all French citizens. Does the ban apply to foreign students/visitors?

Permanent link to this comment Posted by Simon : 7 January, 2004 17:12
Judith - perhaps you are just naive. We are a world of many peoples, many cultures and many individuals. I am proud to be a Jew, why should I have to hide my identity just because it is in conflict with someone elses?

Permanent link to this comment Posted by michel : 7 January, 2004 16:10
France's government is so scared to cross the Muslims that after forbidding the veil they want now to forbid the wearing of any religious items. It is not an attempt to clone us, it is a deliberate action of a fascist nature... It s true tho that fascism and cloning are not too far in some way.... Michel (Paris, Fr)

Permanent link to this comment Posted by Elisabeth : 1 January, 2004 20:21
Why do we all have to be the same? Did G-D not create us with different hair and eye color, with different skin colors and facial and body differences??

Perhaps we should all done the black burqua, covering ourselves from head to toe so that outwardly we all, men, women and children, look the same so we offend no one?

This is simply fear leading to stupidity. Instead of educating children about how to get along with each other, let us pass laws hiding our differences so that those who are too weak, or too timid do not have to confront any potential problems.

One more reason I am glad I do not live in France.

Permanent link to this comment Posted by louise horner : 31 December, 2003 11:32
I can't belive what I am reading. We are all different and should be such is the beauty of the world. Within Judaism itself are a complete set of diversities. It is ignorance of others that needs us to blend in. We should be encouraged to be different not encouraged to be the same . We may as well be cloned

Permanent link to this comment Posted by david : 23 December, 2003 11:50
Judith - that's the reason we have so many problems with assimilation. We are trying so hard to be integrated into society, we lost our sense of Jewish ness - not just the "Jewish pride", but actually BEING Jewish, keeping the laws, and serving G-D. We are MEANT to be different.

Permanent link to this comment Posted by Judith : 18 December, 2003 20:26
If any country's laws state that there is a need for all peoples to be at one wiith eachother, then no one should stand out from others - with no religious dress codes, nobody can be picked on for their beliefs. The all forgiving G_d will forgive them in their prayers. The whole world needs totake this as a major example - WHY DO WE WANT TO BE SO DIFFERENT FROM EACHOTHER???? If we all dressed the same when in public, and kept our proivate dress codes for synagogue, Mosques etc. then I feel that there would be less violence in the world - perhaps I am just too niave

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