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Poll results
Do you think there is a rise in anti-semitism around the world?

Yes 91.7%
No 8.3%


Started 23 November, 2003 09:38
Finished 1 December, 2003 14:29

Poll comments
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Permanent link to this comment Posted by David Levine : 25 November, 2003 23:28
yes there is a rise I have seen way too much in my high school to believe that there is a slow down on Nazism

Permanent link to this comment Posted by Jeri Walsh : 25 November, 2003 04:37
As a member of a multi interfaith family (my three sisters and myself have all married men of different religions) it sickens me that Jews are targeted by ignorant losers. I no longer wear my Star of David around my neck because in my line of work I might as well put a target in it's place. Let me mention that the decision not to wear my necklace came from my husband of 30 years, a Catholic who is scared to death that something will happen to me if I advertise my Jewishness. What a very sad world we live in. If my family can live in peace with our "Little United Nations" than why can't the rest of our World? They have no idea what wonderment they are missing out on. How lucky we are to explore and be exposed to all religions. It takes an intelligent mind to have the desire to learn about all cultures and religions and accept people as human beings. Last time I checked, we ALL bleed red!

Permanent link to this comment Posted by Sofi : 23 November, 2003 14:05
Yes anti-semitism is growing around the world. but jews should stay together, strongly and with determination. thats all. Even thou the antisemitism of today it is more evil and with out a form, it's comming strong in many ways, also economicaly. Still jews have to keep together now!

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